A Lender that Finds the Properties for You

At EquityMax, we take the guesswork out of finding your next investment property by doing all the work for you! Our inventory is sourced daily and constantly updated to give you access to the most promising, ready-for-sale properties throughout the State.  And most importantly, all properties placed on our lists has been evaluated and approved for EquityMax to finance.  Consider us your one-stop shop for all your real estate solutions…finding and funding for you since 1990!
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If you see a property that interests you, we can help in analyzing the project for profitability, using on-demand industry data, computer software, and our own experience with current market trends

Speedy Proof of Funds Letter

Once you’ve selected the property that’s right for you, we can expedite prequalifying you and submitting the offer on your behalf.  When your contract is sent to the Seller, it will include an Equitymax Proof of Funds Letter to enhance your chances of offer acceptance.

Financing At Your Fingertips

Every property listed is approved for an EquityMax loan.  Once the contract is accepted, and you have qualified with us, we will expedite your loan request and ensure a seamless process from underwriting all the way to closing.


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As soon as new properties have been added, you’ll receive an e-mail with updated properties ready for immediate purchase and financing.

Call it a numbers game

We always encourage our borrowers to place as many offers as possible to maximize their chances of getting a property. Additionally, doing due diligence and analyzing as multiple properties will ultimately help educate and enable you to distinguish between to OK deals, the good deals, and the best deals!

See a property you like? Call our office, and we’ll coordinate immediate access into the property so you can view the interior. If you’d like to place an offer, we’ll gladly write up the contract, send it for your signature, and follow up with the Seller to confirm receipt.  And of course, should you desire a loan, we’ll offer you a competitive financing quote complete with a Proof of Funds letter.

If you can’t find the right property just yet…don’t fret!  Today’s real estate market is constantly changing, day-to-day, week-to-week, etc…We often tell prospective investors that they may be long gaps between acquisitions, and then they may find two in the same week.  There are always properties to be acquired, so stay active!


What Our Clients Say

  • Over the years, EquityMax has assisted and facilitated financing a portfolio of over 200 units in Florida for my company.  They do a financial analysis on each unit to make sure their terms work within the profit potential you are seeking in your project.  The team at EquityMax is top notch, helping me expand my rental property business substantially, and I look forward to an ongoing business relationship.

    Abby Salt
    Abby Salt Real Estate Investor and Property Manager

frequently asked questions

Do I need a realtor to find properties?

In some cases, you may benefit from a realtor with years of experience and/or a great knowledge of a particular area you are looking to invest in.  Additionally, we always encourage our clients to utilize all sources of knowledge (i.e. networking vents, joint ventures, etc…) to enhance their ability to find investment properties.

How often does EquityMax send out property lists?

EquityMax sends out lists of properties for sale – complete with address, pictures, and pertinent details – at least 5x each week.  Overall, you can expect to receive anywhere from 50-100 listings for immediate purchase.