The ability to effectively and efficiently close a hard money transaction can be difficult for newer lenders without market expertise. Having been in business for nearly 30 years, through the booms and busts, EquityMax understands that attention to detail is important. Oftentimes, this can be the difference between closing a deal or having a borrower lose out on an investment opportunity. Let our years of experience make sure your deal funds on time, every time, in as little as 48 hours.
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EquityMax Will Be Your Private Money Partner


While geographically small, there are several growing markets where investors can be successful. From Suffolk to Middlesex counties, there are an array of investment opportunities at your disposal. EquityMax will fund in any area if the deal makes financial sense.


EquityMax understands the wire array of property-types that today’s investor can choose from. Whether a single family home, multi-unit, or apartment complex, we vet all commercial and residential real estate properly that have money-making potential.


EquityMax funds each and every deal from our own personal family funds. Less corporate bureaucracy means our borrowers can access capital quicker. For your deal, this leads to quicker answers and a more seamless real estate transaction, whether you invest in Boston or beyond.


A company is only as good as its ability to appreciate and implement constructive feedback. EquityMax welcomes comments from all of its borrowers.  This always enables us to improve from deal-to-deal and make our process easier than it was before.


Latest Success Story

A New England-area investor found a great fix and flip opportunity in Saugus, MA. He had previously dealt with the headaches of the lender draw approval process, and did not want to deal with that process again. Already having the rehab funds, the borrower utilized EquityMax for a purchase loan, and ultimately sold the home for a sizable profit.

Location – Saugus, MA
Loan Amount – $208,000
Purchase Price – N/A
Loan Type – Purchase
Term – 12 Months – 17 years (Borrower Option)
Rehab Amount – $45,000
Actual Retail Value – $375,000
Profit – $75,000

Real Estate Breakdown of Massachusetts

EquityMax Insight

Nearly 80% of Massachusetts residents live near the Greater Boston Area, making it one of the most coveted places in the state. Sure, one can find opportunities in Cambridge, Brookline, Newton, etc…but that is where everyone is going to likely invest. As such, you will note that a majority of investment deals occur in this greater metro region. However, that does not mean that there are less opportunities in other parts of New England. As seen in this deal, this investor took the “Walmart strategy,” that being, go ????

Driving Factors for Massachusetts Real Estate Market

  • Rising Home Values

    The median home value in Massachusetts is considerably higher than the U.S. average. In addition, home prices are expected to rise by more than 7% in the next year.

  • High Property Taxes

    Massachusetts ranks in the top ten nationally for highest property taxes. As a result, it’s made homeownership less desirable and increased rent prices.

  • High Foreclosure Rates

    Over 7% of Massachusetts homeowners are behind on their mortgage payments. Therefore, the abundance of foreclosed properties has provided numerous investment opportunities for investors to take advantage of.

Foreclosure Filings For Massachusetts

What Our Clients Say

  • “I am a frequent investor, and had a great opportunity to fix and flip a SFH in Leeds. EquityMax offered quick financing without hassle, and I hope to use them on my next project.”

    Dorothy Experienced Real Estate Investor


  • High LTV / Low Rates / Flexible Term

  • Minimal Insurance Requirements

  • Zero Prepayment Penalty


  • ZERO Credit or Qualification Requirements

  • No Personal Guarantee Required

  • Free Comparable and Repair Analysis


  • Catering to Real Estate Wholesalers

  • 1-3 Day Funding

  • Minimal Notice to Close


  • Invest through a Self-Directed IRA or Solo 401K

  • Net Proceeds from Investing are Tax-Deferred

  • No Personal Guarantee

Have you been previously denied by a lender? Get a second chance with EquityMax

Did You Know?

Of all the states in the greater New England region, Maine has served as the largest market where EquityMax has financed its many investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of real estate property does EquityMax lend on?

EquityMax lends on any form of residential property, including single family homes, 1-4 multi-unit properties, condominiums & townhomes, and even small apartment complexes (20 units or less).  We also lend on commercial property and industrial warehouses.

Once I am prequalified, how quickly can I obtain a Proof of Funds letter?

EquityMax can send a borrower a Proof of Funds within 5 minutes of receipt of an acceptable, three-score credit report.  If a borrower does not have a recent report, he/she can request that Equitymax pull it.  For instructions, please click here.

Can EquityMax finance multiple properties simultaneously for borrowers?

Yes. EquityMax has multiple borrowers with several active loans in our portfolio.

Do I need to hold properties in a business entity?

EquityMax does not require our borrowers to be a Corporation of LLC.  We can originate loans to individuals, LLCs, Corporations, Land Trusts, and Self-Directed IRAs.

Where In Massachusetts Does Equitymax Lend?

EquityMax not only lends in the greater metro areas of Boston, but also lends in smaller towns, rural areas, and lesser known subdivisions and suburbs across the state.

How Do I Find Properties in Massachusetts To Invest In?

One great resource is the BostonREIA, whose members include investors, realtors, brokers, and everyone in between. They meet monthly (in person and online) and are great for finding new investment opportunities.

Does EquityMax Lend In the greater New England area?

We gladly lend outside of Massachusetts in surrounding states. Within the region, EquityMax also lends in Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. We do not lend in Vermont.

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