Work With A Trustworthy Financing Partner

With all the financing alternatives, EquityMax separates itself from its competitor lenders by being a long-standing, tenured lender that has catered to the Florida market for over 30 years. Over that span, we have also branched out into the Southeast United States, servicing the states of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and we’re serving more states every year.  The driving force behind this expansion is always to consistently develop relationships with real estate professionals across a wide range of industry professionals.  We welcome the opportunity to work with fellow colleagues, including realtors, mortgage professionals, or title service providers.

Our goal:
Quickly and efficiently close your deal on time, every time.

Feel free to contact us to learn about partnering with us on your client’s next deal.

Who We Work With


Mortgage Professionals

Title Companies

Real Estate Attorneys

Trade Contractors

With An EquityMax Loan, We Make It Easy For Your Deal To Close On Time

No Appraisal Or Survey

We do not require appraisals or surveys for our loans. In our experience, we find that these services are not only costly, but we delay your client’s closing.

Instead, we’ll do a walk-through inspection or we’ll order a BPO (Broker Price Opinion) to come up with a savvy, market driven valuation from a profession that deals in investment property market day in, day out.  Not only are they less expensive, at a cost of only $150, but the turnaround time is 48 hours or less.  Once the Inspection or BPO comes back, we will issue you Loan Disclosures that same-day for your client’s review.

Quick Underwriting

Red tape is typically the biggest frustration in any real estate deal. At EquityMax, you deal with the principals of the company directly, who make every effort to ensure an on-time closing. Whether you have questions about your property’s closing timeline or want to inquire about rates and terms for your client, you can expect an answer right over the phone without waiting hours for a call back.

Ensure Your Commission

We have been in the real estate and mortgage business for more than 30 years and have seen every deal come across our desk. We understand that there is a level of nuance involved in every transaction. Some need to close in 2 days…some have title or code enforcement issues. With our experience navigating loans like these, we have developed a dependable and reliable track record dealing with both the easy closings and difficult ones. Ultimately, the goal is always to ensure a seamless closing and funding process for you and your client.

Let EquityMax Close Your Deal

Not only is EquityMax a Licensed Mortgage Lender, but we are also licensed as Mortgage Loan Originators, Real Estate Brokers, and Real Estate Sales Associates. Because of our familiarity with what your job entails, we know the answers to your most common questions and have made the process of obtaining a loan for your clients efficient and streamlined.

We welcome the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with you as develop your portfolio of clients who seek Hard Money for their real estate investment projects.

What Our Clients Say

November 6, 2016

Being an “Investor Friendly” title company we work with many hard money lenders.  EquityMax is a reliable company to work with because they are fast, efficient, and have some of the best rates out there. My investors need to close quickly, and when I know EquityMax is financing them, I know we will have no issues closing on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Loan Originators will be paid on the HUD per written agreement made with the client.  Realtors and other service professionals will be paid for services rendered (i.e. BPO, Inspection, Consulting) per written agreement made with the client and/or EquityMax.

In all cases, we will need a copy of the borrower’s three-score credit report as well as the executed contract for all purchase loans.  All Loan Originators must submit an LO and client-executed 1003 as well.