Denials, denials, denials! When other lenders say NO, we love to hear about them for a chance to say YES!  EquityMax has a different approach to ensure we can actually finance your deal. If your credit is good, you have some skin in the game, and there is equity in the project, then we will make the loan. And, if one or more of those ingredients are not present, we can still make the loan, just a smaller one! Therefore, give your investment project or refinance request a second chance with EquityMax. We have the technology, knowhow, and experience – all in house – to make an informed decision before we ever see the property. No appraisals are ever needed, and most importantly, we’ll give you an answer right away, not after a three week wait and an eleventh hour turndown.

Why Would A Lender Deny A Loan?

Your Credit Score Is Too Low

A low credit score can be seen as a higher risk for lenders as it correlates with a low probability of a borrower repaying the loan or making on-time payments.

The Loan Amount Request Is Too Small

Most lenders have minimum loan requirements, generally a floor of $100,000.  Meaning, if your loan request is for less than that, they won’t finance the transaction

Your Debt-to-income Ratio Is Too High

If you have multiple loans or are still repaying a large amount of debt, lenders may conclude that your debt-to-income ratio (DTI) is too high. DTI allows lenders to determine the likelihood of a borrower successfully managing monthly payments and repaying the loan.

There Are Problems With The Property

Some lenders won’t make loans on certain types of properties, such as rural, industrial warehouses, commercial, and others. Even small populations, small towns, and the absence of interstate highways nearby can deter lenders from financing a hard money loan.

The Appraisal Is Too Low

Typically, lenders will not lend more than the appraised value of an investment property. Since the property serves as collateral if a borrower should default on their loan, the lender wants to avoid a high risk situation where the loan is larger than the value of the property.

Not Enough Experience

Some lenders will deny inexperienced investors in order to avoid the risk of their borrower going into financial collapse from their lack of wisdom in the real estate arena.

The bottom line is that lenders want to avoid high-risk scenarios where they would have to deal with large financial loss. Additionally, you may find that larger or traditional lenders may be stricter and firmer in their loan requirements. On the other hand, smaller, less “corporate” lenders tend to be more flexible and may be willing to move forward if they see certain aspects that give them confidence the borrower will be reliable and creditworthy.

Get a second chance at your next project!

Previously Denied Loans

Success Stories

Location: Indianapolis, IN | Loan Amount: $25,000 | Property Type: Rental

Our borrower picked up a bargain deal in this growing rust belt city. While other lenders didn’t see potential or offer low loan amounts, we did! The rate of return on our borrowers’ rental property is at higher multiples than that of those on more expensive properties in sunny Florida, Texas, and California.

Location: Saginaw, MI | Loan Amount: $80,000 | Property Type: Rural

Our borrower wanted to buy 75 acres of acreage land in northern Michigan. While it may have been considered too rural or remote to interest other lenders, that was not the case for us. We saw the value and closed with him right away at a conservative loan-to-value. In a few years, he had advised, he purchased another 75 acres nearby for cash to double his investment!

Location: Fernandina Beach, FL | Loan Amount: $500,000 | Property Type: Multi-Family Apartment Building

Our borrower was looking to invest in a 10-unit complex that was once a mixed-use retail & 8-unit efficiency apartment building. However, other lenders considered it “non-conforming” with the building being more than 4 units. Our borrower saw the potential and we saw a safe loan with cash flow to back it up, and funded it. It was considered “outside the box” for our competition, but easily conformed to our basic lending parameters.

Location: Harkers Island, NC | Loan Amount: $250,000 | Property Type: Oceanfront

A borrower with a great beachfront home wanted to invest in her property. However, another hard money lender couldn’t perform after having the file for three weeks, because the appraiser did not have a proper four-wheel drive vehicle to access the property! With only 4 days left on contract to close and our strong network of fellow Realtors nationwide, we found a local agent who visited the property and performed a speedy BPO. Her valuable opinion was all we needed. We closed the loan in 72 hours, with an extra day to spare.

Location: Hinckley, MN | Loan Amount: $100,000 | Property Type: Warehouse/Mini-Storage

Located in a smaller population town was a sizable mini-warehouse storage facility. This was a one-of-a-kind parcel of real estate in an unlikely location where demand was high and a clear need for the facility existed. It was too “non-conforming,” “too rural,” and too “something-or-another” for our competitors. Not for us! Bottom line: We saw the value in the property, funded the project within 48 hours of receiving the title search back, and we were left with one happy borrower!

Do All Hard Money Lenders Have The Same Requirements?

Absolutely not! While there are standard requirements for general hard money loans, there are no strict rules to follow that traditional lenders have to abide by. Therefore, EquityMax separates itself from other hard money lenders by simplifying the process.

Here’s our process:





Acceptable credit, money of your own invested in the deal, and sufficient equity or “deal spread” easily enables us to finance your deal!

And even if one or more of those elements are missing, we can still lend to you, at more conservative terms!

Additionally, we don’t require a minimum credit score, we avoid costly and time-consuming appraisals, and we lend on nearly any type of real property. We also work with new or experienced investors and offer clients financing for a variety of projects across the entire risk spectrum – whether a “from the studs” rehab or a quick cosmetic flip. Whether smaller projects as low as $25,000 to larger projects in the Millions, EquityMax can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

EquityMax understands that investors work in a variety of financial capacities.  A big deal for someone may be a smaller deal for someone else.  Hence, EquityMax tailors its financing to a client’s specific needs, with loans as small as $25,000 up to $1,000,000.

EquityMax does not require appraisals as part of our due diligence.  If the property is local to the South Florida, Tri-County Area (Dade, Broward, Palm Beach), we will perform a basic walk-through inspection.  If the property is outside of this region, we will hire a local Realtor in the county where the subject property is located to perform a BPO a/k/a Broker’s Price Opinion.

EquityMax does not have a minimum credit requirement.  We can offer all borrowers a loan, regardless of credit score or past/current credit history.

EquityMax lends on any form of residential property, including single family homes, 1-4 multi-unit properties, condominiums & townhomes, and even small apartment complexes (20 units or less).  We also lend on commercial property and industrial warehouses.

Receive Immediate Pre-qualification Within 10 Minutes