At EquityMax, we strive to treat every borrower…every property…every deal with the same care, effort, and diligence.  And the proof of this comes in many forms…on-time closings, profitable ventures, and repeat business.

Don’t leave it to us though, see what our clients have to say about us!

  • As a title company, working with EquityMax has always been wonderful and easy to work with.  The fact that EquityMax closes fast with their own money is key in this business.  We have closed deals in as little as 24 hours with them.  Having a reputable hard money lender on your side, invested in the transaction, you are sure to succeed in this business.

    Kevin Tacher
    Kevin Tacher CEO of Independence Title, Inc.
  • I love working with the whole team at EquityMax!  We’ve made tons of money together over the 17 years that we’ve been doing business together.  Brad, Greg, and Elly have sold and funded more of deals than I can even remember.  The EquityMax team works so hard to make a deal happen, and I mean ANY deal…even low-priced deals.  Everyone has immense knowledge in the industry and have been generous with their advice over the years to myself as well as colleagues I work with.  This alone is an invaluable service.  Besides the team working hard to get you into a good deal, they look out for you just as hard to prevent you from getting into a bad deal.  Whether you are a new investor or very seasoned, the team is eager to work with you and make your real estate deal as safe and profitable as possible.

    Gene Schroeder
    Gene Schroeder Bank On It!
  • EquityMax saved me from losing my $28,000 non-refundable deposit when my other lender backed out of closing at the last minute!  I sent EquityMax all the relevant information on Wednesday afternoon and we closed with no problems that Friday.  If it weren’t for EquityMax, I wouldn’t be in the position to profit from this fix-and-flip opportunity.

    Maxim Bohadana
    Maxim Bohadana Levco Real Estate Group
  • Being an “Investor Friendly” title company we work with many hard money lenders.  EquityMax is a reliable company to work with because they are fast, efficient, and have some of the best rates out there. My investors need to close quickly, and when I know EquityMax is financing them, I know we will have no issues closing on time.

    Ryan Kopczyk
    Ryan Kopczyk Southeast Professional Title
  • Having been in the real estate industry for years we place a huge amount of value on the relationships and team around us. 95% of Hard Money Lenders take weeks to process deals, don’t use any of their own money, and never close on time.  On every loan we have closed with EquityMax they have been more than prompt, fund on time, and will close in 48 hours or less if needed. They understand the needs of the Seller and that sometimes we don’t have TIME to wait 14 business days to close a deal. Having them as a key member on my team allows me to negotiate every contract with 100% certainty we will get the job done when working with EquityMax.

    Tom Myers
    Tom Myers Florida Real Estate Investor
  • The EquityMax team has been members of our organization for more than a decade. Brad, Elly, Greg and their support staff are not only easy to work with, but also have more experience and knowledge than any of the Hard Money Lenders we have ever worked with. What I personally love about working with them is that they use their own money, so they can get me an answer faster than anyone!  It is always evident how much we trust someone in the real estate business based on whether or not we give our endorsement and refer that person business. If someone asks us for a referral for Hard Money Lending, our first response is EquityMax!

    Ryan Kuhlman
    Ryan Kuhlman President & Lead Mentor, Broward Real Estate Investors Association
  • EquityMax has been, and continues to be, a valued business member of DREIA.  We appreciate their long-term participation with us and their many contributions to real estate investors and professionals across the state of Florida.

    Jim Pamplin Co-Chair, Dade Real Estate Investors Association
  • It started with one transaction, but now it has become an ongoing relationship that has helped me create a successful real estate business here in Florida.  My family and I are greatly appreciative for all the support and hard work undertaken by everyone at EquityMax to make my business a success!

    Nestor Martin & Family
    Nestor Martin & Family Real Estate Investors
  • Over the years, EquityMax has assisted and facilitated financing a portfolio of over 200 units in Florida for my company.  They do a financial analysis on each unit to make sure their terms work within the profit potential you are seeking in your project.  The team at EquityMax is top notch, helping me expand my rental property business substantially, and I look forward to an ongoing business relationship.

    Abby Salt
    Abby Salt Real Estate Investor and Property Manager
  • I have been an investor working with EquityMax for 20 years, and I must say it has been a great and profitable relationship.  EquityMax was able to lend me millions throughout the years even through the Great Recession when all other hard money lenders had no funds.  Currently I have almost thirty rental properties and several rehabs in process, all loans from EquityMax.   From the friendly staff and great advice from Brad and now Greg, EquityMax and their financial programs have been a crucial reason for my success. If you plan properly, and use the wealth of knowledge from both Brad and Greg, you too can have a long-term, and profitable relationship with the professional team at EquityMax.

    Alfred Lariviere
    Alfred Lariviere Seasoned Real Estate Investor
  • Dealing with EquityMax has been a breeze from the onset of our relationship.  Our investors enjoy quick responses, instant Proof of Funds letters, and knowing there is no costly or time-consuming appraisal involved.  I know they call it a Hard Money loan but it could not be any easier.  Working with Greg and the EquityMax team has been a pleasure and we will keep this relationship ongoing for many years to come. If you want the job done fast and right call EquityMax.

    Justin Spencer & Alissa Carson
    Justin Spencer & Alissa Carson Realtors, Shoreward Realty, Inc.
  • As a title agent I can tell you that the most important element in any financed transaction is a lender that gets you to the closing table.  Not only does Equitymax get you to the closing table, they get you there FAST.  They WANT to close and fund the deal unlike most lenders that appear to want to find a reason not to close. Working with everyone at Equitymax is the best.

    Rich Schaffer All Florida Title, LLC
  • As Broker & Owner of The Luxury Team, EquityMax has allowed me to quickly close condo deals that traditional banks won't finance. From foreign buyers to investors, Brad, Greg, and their team have always come up with a easy financing solution for my clients that never requires an appraisal. I appreciate the time and peace of mind they give to myself and buyers and look forward to our ongoing relationship.
    Steve Seigel
    Steve Seigel Owner/Broker; The Luxury Team
  • "The whole team at EquityMax expedited my loan, closing in 2 days once title came back.  The approval process was easy and communication was friendly, effective and  exceptional. Gregory and Elly were always available to me, and their helpful proactiveness was the key in getting everything done with all parties involved. When I was concerned, Gregory told me we could make this opportunity happen on time, and he not only knows his business, but is a man of his word. A great financing source for any level real estate investor!" 

    Jacqueline First-Time Real Estate Investor
  • From the first call, I spoke with Brad and Greg, the owners, and their great support staff, who guided me and answered all of my questions. Everyone at EquityMax was helpful in ensuring a streamlined closing, and even after funding, I know I can reach out to them directly with any questions about my loan.

    Jeff Real Estate Investor, Austin TX
  • Their staff can’t be beat with the level of service they have provided on several deals thus far.  I have yet to find an easier hard money lender to work with, that’s why EquityMax is always going to be my first and only option.

    Emerich Herbst Metro-Cleveland Real Estate Investor
  • I was a first-time investor, and EquityMax was glad to work with me. They guided me through the entire financing process to make sure we were both on the same page. I will certainly be using them on my next deal!

  • EquityMax has been a great source of lending for me. I was so impressed with their customer service and speed in closing my first loan, I decided to use them again.  Now, I’m working on my third deal with EquityMax!

    Jeffery Kennedy
  • I met Greg locally in Greenville, and gave EquityMax a shot on a recent deal.  I’m so glad I did.  They were prompt, transparent, and closed with ease.  I am now on my 4th deal with EquityMax, and always look forward to working with them.

  • EquityMax has funded several residential deals for me over the last year.  They have already improved their terms from our initial transaction together.  I always run the investment scenario through them to offer me peace of mind that it will be a profitable real estate venture.

  • “There are so few non-recourse lenders in the market, but EquityMax was able to meet the challenge and finance my deal.  It was incredibly easy to work with them, and I loved that they serviced my loan directly even after the loan was funded.”

    Debbie Investor through her Self-Directed IRA
  • “This firm knows what they are doing and through this pandemic and the shortage of money, I'm glad I have them as a partner to help my clients. Gregory and his staff (specifically Maria) did a great job in turning a file in a few weeks. I have been in the lending business for close to 20 years and I'm always looking for great partners to help our clients’ needs.  If you are looking for a fast turnaround closing on your next investment - these are the guys to reach out to. They are up front, honest and straight to the point. Thank You Equitymax!”

    Jesse Pennsylvania Mortgage Broker
  • “I had a deal being held up in probate court for months, and EquityMax stood by me until the end when funding was finally needed.  They were great with communication and provided me with several updated prequalification letters that I needed throughout the process.  Glad to have worked with them!”    

    John M. New Real Estate Investor
  • “My first deal with EquityMax was a refi in Chicago and it went conveniently as planned.  I was very satisfied with the loan process that I am now on my second loan with the company. Even though it is a small deal at $15,000, there are few lenders, other than EquityMax, that will provide a loan of this size.”

    John P. New Real Estate Investor
  • “Happy to see a lender out there that finances smaller properties! Not a lot of lenders finance under $50,000, but EquityMax does.  Glad they’re around.” 

    Sebastian Experienced Real Estate Investor
  • “I am a frequent investor, and had a great opportunity to fix and flip a SFH in Leeds. EquityMax offered quick financing without hassle, and I hope to use them on my next project.”

    Dorothy Experienced Real Estate Investor
  • “EquityMax helped me with a short-term loan to fix up a property I had owned for years. I ended up selling for a large profit, and will use the proceeds to buy my next investment.  Will definitely use them again!”

    Cathy First-Time Real Estate Investor
  • “EquityMax has been a pleasure to work with as a private lender. As a title company, we need great lenders as much as they need great title companies. Cannot say enough how easy it was to work with them. I wish all lenders were this great!”

    Ben Title Company Owner
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