A Simple Prequalification Process In 10 Minutes Or Less

Showing that a Buyer has the requisite cash-to-close is of crucial importance when submitting an offer.  Providing Proof of Funds along with your contract tells the Seller that, come the closing date, you are a legitimate Buyer and have the funds to close the transaction. If you already own a property, have one under contract, or are simply searching for your next investment, EquityMax makes it fast and easy to qualify for a loan and obtain a Proof of Funds letter.


Provide A Single Document To EquityMax

Avoid all the red tape requirements of traditional or competitor lenders with a hassle-free process requiring less documentation and absolutely no formal application.

What we require:

One-time request to pull a 3-score credit report (we accept recent reports)

This is the sole request from EquityMax at the onset our relationship.  Once we have your credit on file, we will not ask for it again.

What we don’t require:

No bank statements, tax returns, or pay stubs.

We will never ask to see verification of income or cash reserves.

Upon receipt of your credit request, we will immediately pull it and provide you a copy of your report within minutes.


Get Your Proof Of Funds Letter & Bank Statement

Perhaps the most important component of your offer will be furnishing the Seller with Proof of Funds showing sufficient cash-to-close, or providing a letter from a lender who will finance you.

An EquityMax Proof of Funds means:

  • EquityMax will provide you with unlimited Proof of Funds letters to submit with your offers
  • EquityMax will provide our most recent bank statement with each Proof of Funds letter we furnish you with.  Need an updated bank statement after a few months…just ask!
  • Each letter is always customized to your particular loan opportunity with transparent language that is clear and explicit. Our Proof of Funds letters always includes the borrower’s name, property address, loan amount, and purchase price.

Once we have your credit report on file, simply give us a call or send us an e-mail, and we will provide you with an updated POF and Bank Statement to submit with your offer.

Let's Get Started

EquityMax makes it easy to upload pertinent docs or begin the qualification process as soon as you’re ready.

i.e. Credit Report, Executed Contract, etc…

And always remember, when you work with EquityMax, you’re not working with an ordinary lender.  We’re an honest, transparent family business that’s been lending for over 30 years. We’re available all day, every day to answer every question, analyze every deal point, and ensure that an EquityMax loan will enable you to profit from your venture. We’ve seen nearly every kind of loan scenario over the years, so we know what the specific terms that will work best for you!  EquityMax is a company that treats every client like they’re our only client!

What Our Clients Say

November 6, 2016

Having been in the real estate industry for years we place a huge amount of value on the relationships and team around us. 95% of Hard Money Lenders take weeks to process deals, don’t use any of their own money, and never close on time.  On every loan we have closed with EquityMax they have been more than prompt, fund on time, and will close in 48 hours or less if needed. They understand the needs of the Seller and that sometimes we don’t have TIME to wait 14 business days to close a deal. Having them as a key member on my team allows me to negotiate every contract with 100% certainty we will get the job done when working with EquityMax.

Frequently Asked Questions

EquityMax can send a borrower a Proof of Funds within 5 minutes of receipt of an acceptable, three-score credit report.  If a borrower does not have a recent report, he/she can request that Equitymax pull it.  For instructions, please click here.

EquityMax does not have a minimum credit requirement.  We can offer all borrowers a loan, regardless of credit score or past/current credit history.