Explore an alternative option to investing in real estate by utilizing your self-directed investment account. This is not an extensive endeavor! And, EquityMax simplifies the process with unique financing options, zero prequalification or documentation required, and access to a preferred list of real estate-focused custodians. Let us help you diversify your investment portfolio and earn a positive return on investment from your next deal!

Non-Recourse Lending Benefits

Purchase Properties Through Your Self-Directed IRA

You can buy residential single family homes. multi-unit properties, apartment buildings, and commercial properties such as retail stores, hotels, warehouses, or office complexes.

Zero Prequalification Or Documentation Required

We don’t require any information regarding your financial history, including debt, income, and/or assets.

Access to Preferred Real Estate-Focused Custodian Providers

We offer a premium list of trusted custodians with real estate experience that will manage your purchase, associated paperwork, and financial reporting.

Unique Financing Options with No Personal Guarantee

These are non-recourse loans, which differ from others in that we don’t require any personal guarantees from the property owner or borrower. This eliminates the inference of co-mingling.

Profits Are Tax-Deferred

Borrowers don’t lose their tax-deferred status if they use their self-directed IRA to invest in real estate. Therefore, any profits made from the growth of their investment will remain tax-deferred.

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Self-Directed IRA Loan Overview

Available Financing

Up to 80% LTV or 60% ARV

Loan Term

Up to 17 years. No prepay penalty!

Time to Approval/Funding

2-3 Days from clear title and lien search

Interest Rates

Starting at 11.99%


Starting at 2-3% origination fee


$20,000 minimum loan amount
No minimum credit score
No tax returns
No debt-to-income ratio (DTI) analysis
No cash reserve requirement
No personal guarantee required

Pros & Cons Of Real Estate With Self-Directed IRA


Diversify Portfolio

Real estate investments can diversify your overall portfolio and they frequently move counter to financial markets.

Long Term ROI

Historically, real estate has grown in value over time which makes it ideal for the long-term investment of an IRA.

Income Tax Deferred

Those that turn their real estate investment into rental properties can collect tax-deferred income within their IRA.


No Deductions

Borrowers can’t claim deductions for property taxes, mortgage interest, depreciation, and other property-related expenses.

Extra Costs

Any expenses, repairs, and maintenance costs must be paid with IRA funds.


To purchase and own real estate with your IRA you need to hire a custodian. There is a fee for this service, however EquityMax’s preferred list of real estate-focused custodians helps make this process easier and more cost effective.

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