With so many hard money options for real estate investors in the Golden State, EquityMax looks to separate itself through speed and longevity. While other lenders come and go, EquityMax relies on 30 years of operational experience to make the loan process easy and effortless for all of its borrowers.
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Customized Hard Money Options For Your Next Project


EquityMax is not reliant on institutional funds to close your deals. This means in-house decision making without any third-party involvement and immediate access to the money that closes your deals.


Fewer docs means less lag time between our first call with the borrower and closing. EquityMax sources reliable data for nearby comps to verify your loan amount without the need for a formal appraisal.


Want to know what we think? Get on a call or email the owners directly, who seamlessly guide our real estate investors through the financing process, answering all of your questions along the way.


EquityMax offers the same private money products to both new and seasoned investors. We welcome the opportunity to build a relationship with all borrowers, whether it’s your first deal or 10th deal.


Latest Success Story

A very credit-worthy borrower approached us with a unique purchase loan on a condominium. While a fairly straight-forward unit, the condo restrictions and warranties prevented traditional lenders from financing.  Given the strong comps and demand in the market for similar units, EquityMax was able to help fund a deal that no one else would.

Location – Burbank, CA
Loan Amount – $305,000
Purchase Price – $380,000
Loan Type – REFI
Term – 12 Months – 17 years (Borrower Option)
Rehab Amount – $20,000
Actual Retail Value – $495,000
Profit – $95,000

Real Estate Breakdown of California

EquityMax Insight

In California, houses typically sell quickly with a median time on market of around 15 days. Hence, when our client approached us with a quick closing timeline, we knew this necessitated immediate due diligence and a “fast track” closing to ensure the borrower’s deal looked attractive to the seller. Sure enough, there were few hiccups in this deal, as we successfully closed in less than two weeks for our client, who in turn flipped his Burbank Condo for a sizable return on investment!

Driving Factors for California Real Estate Market

  • Low Property Taxes

    While not the lowest in the country, California offers friendly property tax rates compared to surrounding states, which can help offset investors’ expenses and increase overall cash flow.

  • High Rental Demand

    Jobs, great weather, fun entertainment, and tons of outdoor activities have vacationers visiting the Golden State at a high volume. As a result, rental rates are increasing consistently every year, with a surge in short-term rentals especially.

  • Increasing Home Values

    While there has been a recent exodus from California, the state is still attractive for its lifestyle, culture, and job market. People buy homes where they want to live, and millions want to be in California. Therefore, home values continue to be on the rise.

Foreclosure Filings For California

What Our Clients Say

  • “EquityMax has been a pleasure to work with as a private lender. As a title company, we need great lenders as much as they need great title companies. Cannot say enough how easy it was to work with them. I wish all lenders were this great!”

    Ben Title Company Owner


  • High LTV / Low Rates / Flexible Term

  • Minimal Insurance Requirements

  • Zero Prepayment Penalty


  • ZERO Credit or Qualification Requirements

  • No Personal Guarantee Required

  • Free Comparable and Repair Analysis


  • Catering to Real Estate Wholesalers

  • 1-3 Day Funding

  • Minimal Notice to Close


  • Invest through a Self-Directed IRA or Solo 401K

  • Net Proceeds from Investing are Tax-Deferred

  • No Personal Guarantee

Have you been previously denied by a lender? Get a second chance with EquityMax

Did You Know?

Before working at EquityMax full-time, Gregory Emmer started off his career in Los Angeles at UTA, a global film agency. This corporate experience instilled the hard-working values he asks of his team each and every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of real estate property does EquityMax lend on?

EquityMax lends on any form of residential property, including single family homes, 1-4 multi-unit properties, condominiums & townhomes, and even small apartment complexes (20 units or less).  We also lend on commercial property and industrial warehouses.

Once I am prequalified, how quickly can I obtain a Proof of Funds letter?

EquityMax can send a borrower a Proof of Funds within 5 minutes of receipt of an acceptable, three-score credit report.  If a borrower does not have a recent report, he/she can request that Equitymax pull it.  For instructions, please click here.

Can EquityMax finance multiple properties simultaneously for borrowers?

Yes. EquityMax has multiple borrowers with several active loans in our portfolio.

Do I need to hold properties in a business entity?

EquityMax does not require our borrowers to be a Corporation of LLC.  We can originate loans to individuals, LLCs, Corporations, Land Trusts, and Self-Directed IRAs.

Does EquityMax lend on short-term rental properties?

Simply put, yes, EquityMax lends on AirBnB-type short-term rentals, which several lenders do not finance. We have actually seen that these types of high profit, short-terms leases are agreeable to what tend to be higher interest rate loans synonymous with hard money.

Is EquityMax a private money or hard money lender?

Both! EquityMax only lends its own family funds, making it a 100% private investment vehicle. Yet, as a nationwide lender, it has the scope right on par with the largest, institutional-backed hard money options.

How Do I Find Properties in California To Invest In?

LAREIC is a great opportunity to network in the Southern California region, as a means of finding new investment opportunities. Similar REIAs and investment clubs exist around the state, from San Diego up the PCH to San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Northern California tends to be more Rural…will EquityMax finance these properties?

Yes, EquityMax welcomes the opportunity to finance rural and more remote pieces of real estate. We just financed a piece of vacant land with a mobile home in Rio Vista, not too far from the state’s border with Oregon.

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