The Hawkeye State has long been a market that favors nearly every strategy for investors: wholesaling, rehabbing, and renting. From Davenport and Iowa City to Des Moines and Cedar Rapids, EquityMax covers the entire state with carefully thought-out hard money loans to help you profit in today’s growing market. Let us show you why EquityMax has been an industry leader in private lending for nearly 30 years.

Iowa Hard Money Made Easy With EquityMax

Deal-Making Diversity

EquityMax offers hard money financing for a wide array of real estate properties, including REOs, Short Sales, and even online auctions.  If there is an avenue towards profit, we’ll ensure the transaction closes with ease.

Immediate Prequalification

EquityMax requires a single doc for prequalification, and can provide proof of funds documentation within 10 minutes of initial submittal. This ensures your ability to submit contracts on demand, as soon as a property hits the market.

Services From A-Z

All of our lending services are in-house and never outsourced. Your loan is originated, funded, and serviced in one office. This single point of contact leaves out the guess-work on who to communicate with once your loan closes.

Funding Near & Far

From the Quad Cities and Cedar Rapids to Des Moines and Sioux City, EquityMax can finance your next investment deal no matter the location, population, or demographic. Let our team show you why investors throughout Iowa have successfully closed hard money transactions with EquityMax for over 3 decades.

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Latest Success Story

An investor who inherited a property when her parents died saw the opportunity to pull some equity out for repairs.  EquityMax provided a conservative loan amount, and she used the funds to cosmetically renovate the home.  She is ready to refi after having placed a tenant in the home.

Residential Single Family Rental

Location – Council Bluffs, IA

Loan Amount – $40,000

Purchase Price – N/A

Loan Type – REFI Cash-Out

Term – 12 Months – 17 years (Borrower Option)

Rehab Amount – $0

Actual Retail Value – $120,000

Profit – $1,000 Net Monthly Cash Flow

Driving Factors For Iowa Real Estate Market

Prices Will Rise At Slower Pace

Home values in Iowa increased by over 11% last year with lower inventory levels and higher demand than ever before. While the Fed has increased interest rates, we still expect to see prices rise but not as rapidly as years past.

Increase In Illinois Buyers

To avoid high property taxes, Illinois residents have crossed the border into Iowa looking for affordable housing. This influx of demand will only drive prices up in the Hawkeye state.

Foreclosures Are Increasing

Foreclosure rates have risen modestly in the last year across the state and look to continue in the coming months. Therefore, the number of distressed homeowners across the state is likely to grow, providing more opportunities for real estate investors.

Iowa Real Estate Market Breakdown


Median Home Value


Foreclosure Properties


Bank Owned Properties



Popular Counties: Polk, Scott, Johnson, Black Hawk, Pottawattamie

EquityMax Insight

Iowa’s real estate market has a number of indicators moving in its favor. Most notably is affordability, which has not only enabled more residents to take part in the home buying process but the attractive prices have also benefited investors looking to wholesale, rehab, or landlord. Distressed property inventory has also increased with foreclosures up over 98% in the last year. Therefore, investors should find great opportunities to locate distressed owners and take hold of impressive profit margins. Long-term rental properties are popular among investors as well with rental demand remaining high across the state, enabling investors to charge higher premiums on their properties.

What Our Clients Say

November 17, 2022

"Smaller loan sizes are very tough to get placed, but thankfully EquityMax was able to help me finance my $40,000 deal."

Loan Programs

Fix and Flip / Cash-Out REFI

High LTV / Low Rates / Flexible TermMinimal Insurance RequirementsZero Prepayment Penalty

Foreign National Loans

ZERO Credit or Qualification RequirementsNo Personal Guarantee RequiredFree Comparable and Repair Analysis

Transactional Funding

Catering to Real Estate Wholesalers1-3 Day FundingMinimal Notice to Close

Non-Recourse Lending

Invest through a Self-Directed IRA or Solo 401KNet Proceeds from Investing are Tax-DeferredNo Personal Guarantee

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Did You Know

EquityMax has a rolodex of over 1,000 brokers that funnel deals to us every year!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We actively encourage investors to seek out STR opportunities for financing from our company.

First time investors are our specialty.  Though, we also lend to experienced investors.  It doesn’t matter if this is your first deal or 10th deal, we’ll fund it!

We have been in operation for 30+ years, since 1990, and have been lending in Iowa for nearly 20 years.

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