Hard money financing options have never been better in Maryland, where the real estate landscape is endless with opportunities to invest. When comparing hard money options, EquityMax sets itself apart with 32 years of experience as a family owned-and-operated business that provides first-class customer service. Whether you speak with the owners directly or a friendly member of our team, we have the insight and know-how to help your real estate investment business grow to new heights.

Customized Hard Money Options Tailored For Maryland Investors

Speedy Closings

EquityMax cuts the red tape and qualification requirements for every borrower. Minimal documentation and quick communication enables us to close your deal within 24 hours from receipt of title.

We Invest Where You Invest

Maryland is a diverse setting with multiple avenues to be a successful real estate investor. From Baltimore and the nation’s capital to eastern shore, EquityMax will finance your next real estate endeavor.

We Work Weekends

Just because a lender has the lowest rate doesn’t make them the cheapest option. EquityMax guarantees being the cheapest lender, inclusive of interest, points, fees, and insurance requirements.

More Deals/Better Terms

EquityMax welcomes the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with real estate investors, whether new or seasoned. With each successive deal, you can always expect lower interest rates and higher LTVs.

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Latest Success Story

An investor was deeded a row-house property “subject-to-mortgage,” making the mortgage payments while renting the property out for positive monthly cash flow. With no seasoning involved, the borrower refi-ed, with cash out, to get some of her invested funds back.

Residential Property

Location - Baltimore, MD

Loan Amount - $15,000

Purchase Price - Quit Claim Deed

Loan Type - Cash-Out REFI

Term - 12 Moths - 17 Years (Borrower Option)

Rehab Amount - N/A

Actual Retail Value - $75,000

Profit - $500 Net Positive Cash Flow

Driving Factors For Maryland Real Estate Market

Home Prices Continue To Increase

Home values have appreciated for 10 straight years in Maryland and are now at all-time highs. Even so, optimism still exists that prices will not drop, as residents are still in buying mode across the state.

Low Inventory

Maryland has less than one full month (0.6) of available inventory and simply doesn’t have enough available homes to keep up with demand of buyers. New builds are being constructed to help offset the lesser demand that exists for already built rehab investment projects.

Mortgage Rate Increases

Mortgage rates are now over five percent, marking an increase of 2.07% over the past year. With more rate hikes expected, home prices could be even less affordable than they already are. As such, buyers will be forced to buy lesser priced homes, since their mortgage payments will be higher.

Maryland Real Estate Market Breakdown


Median Home Value


Foreclosure Properties


Bank Owned Properties



Popular Counties: Baltimore, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Anne Arundel, Baltimore City

EquityMax Insight

The accelerated rate of appreciation in Maryland shouldn’t ward off investors from making deals in the state. In fact, EquityMax says take advantage while you can! Flips and rehabs still show promising profit potential and we encourage investors to watch the real estate market with a close eye so they can quickly jump on opportunities that meet their strategy. Additionally, the current conditions of the market have also opened up long-term rental properties as a solid way to offset today’s high prices with impressive rental rates.

What Our Clients Say

May 20, 2022

Thanks to EquityMax for refi-ing my loan…it was a bit exotic and not a lot of lenders would finance it. But, you did!

Loan Programs

Fix and Flip / Cash-Out REFI

High LTV / Low Rates / Flexible TermMinimal Insurance RequirementsZero Prepayment Penalty

Foreign National Loans

ZERO Credit or Qualification RequirementsNo Personal Guarantee RequiredFree Comparable and Repair Analysis

Transactional Funding

Catering to Real Estate Wholesalers1-3 Day FundingMinimal Notice to Close

Non-Recourse Lending

Invest through a Self-Directed IRA or Solo 401KNet Proceeds from Investing are Tax-DeferredNo Personal Guarantee

Have You Been Previously Denied By A Lender? Get A Second Chance With EquityMax

Did You Know

Besides our borrowers, the best part of Maryland, in our opinion, are the crab cakes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever a property is littered with code violations or onerous liens, EquityMax strongly advises against investing in a property like this.

EquityMax recommends shopping across various suppliers, contractors, and tradesmen to get the best bang for your buck.

Whatever deal shows profit potential.  Whether it’s a residential home in a metro area or a rural property with multiple structures on the land, if the property has profit potential, we’ll find a way to lend on it!

Receive Immediate Pre-qualification Within 10 Minutes!