Several communities across the great state of Michigan, especially Detroit, have experienced booms of revitalization and gentrification, opening up additional areas for real estate investors to work in. When a great deal comes along, EquityMax provides a hard money avenue for its borrowers to source immediate private financing options for all of their upcoming projects and real estate endeavors.

The EquityMax Competitive Advantage Is Clear

No More Middle Man

Our company acts as a single family office, and only deploys its own capital to fund your deals. Less brokers and individuals in between your deals leads to less red tape, less headaches, and a more streamlined path to close and fund your transaction.

Here From Beginning To End

From the moment a team member takes your inquiry, to when you pay off your loan, the EquityMax office remains your single point of contact. We do not outsource servicing to third-party companies, with our team at your service to answer any questions from loan origination to loan payoff.

No Appraisal, No Worries

Don’t let a costly and time-consuming appraisal delay your closing or potentially lower your loan amount. EquityMax never orders appraisals, and instead asks a local broker to conduct a one-page BPO report. Ultimately, this efficient valuation method saves our borrowers time and cost, which leads to quicker and cheaper closings.

Any Region, Area, Or Locale

An investor’s area of expertise ultimately determines where he or she invests. From the Detroit metro area and Lansing to Grand Rapids and Traverse City, EquityMax funds real estate investment purchases and cash-out refis in urban cities, suburban communities, and rural towns.

Close In 48 Hours Or Less! Ready To Get Started On Your Next Deal In Michigan?

Latest Success Story

A borrower had an opportunity to purchase a single-family home, but did not have the requisite cash for the down payment. He did, however, own a commercial building that he was able to cross collateralize for purposes of the down payment. EquityMax utilized both properties in securitizing the loan, and the borrower was also successfully able to leverage his assets to make a handsome profit on his residential flip.


Location – Detroit, MI

Loan Amount – $120,000

Purchase Price – $180,000

Loan Type – Purchase

Term – 12 Months – 17 years (Borrower Option)

Rehab Amount – $30,000

Actual Retail Value – $275,000

Profit – $65,000

Driving Factors For Michigan Real Estate Market

Climbing Prices

Homes in Michigan are getting more expensive as buyers compete for the small inventory on the market. Average sales prices grew by 13% in the last year.


Michigan ranks as the 12th-most optimal state in which to operate a business which takes a huge burden off of real estate investors. Additionally, property taxes have remained relatively steady since 2015.

Population Growth

Michigan’s favorable economic outlooking is the result of less favorable business conditions in nearby states like Illinois and Indiana. Thousands of residents have moved to Michigan in hopes of easing their economic disruption and taking advantage of new opportunities.

Michigan Real Estate Market Breakdown


Median Home Value


Foreclosure Properties


Bank Owned Properties



Popular Markets: Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Kent, Genesee

EquityMax Insight

Michigan’s real estate market may be the most competitive in history compared to other market cycles in the state. With more buyers entering the fold and fewer sellers listing their properties – 54% less compared to last year – a vortex of price increases have resulted. Interest rates still being at an all time low will offer would-be buyers a buffer against these increased residential property prices.

What Our Clients Say

November 6, 2016

As a title agent I can tell you that the most important element in any financed transaction is a lender that gets you to the closing table.  Not only does Equitymax get you to the closing table, they get you there FAST.  They WANT to close and fund the deal unlike most lenders that appear to want to find a reason not to close. Working with everyone at Equitymax is the best.

Loan Programs

Fix and Flip / Cash-Out REFI

High LTV / Low Rates / Flexible TermMinimal Insurance RequirementsZero Prepayment Penalty

Foreign National Loans

ZERO Credit or Qualification RequirementsNo Personal Guarantee RequiredFree Comparable and Repair Analysis

Transactional Funding

Catering to Real Estate Wholesalers1-3 Day FundingMinimal Notice to Close

Non-Recourse Lending

Invest through a Self-Directed IRA or Solo 401KNet Proceeds from Investing are Tax-DeferredNo Personal Guarantee

Have You Been Previously Denied By A Lender? Get A Second Chance With EquityMax

Did You Know

EquityMax has its roots traced back to the Detroit metro area where Brad Emmer’s father grew up. It was Brad’s grandfather, Isaac, that first ventured into real estate, owning the piece of property where his bakery business stood for several years.

Frequently Asked Questions

EquityMax does not require our borrowers to be a Corporation of LLC.  We can originate loans to individuals, LLCs, Corporations, Land Trusts, and Self-Directed IRAs.

Yes. EquityMax has multiple borrowers with several active loans in our portfolio.

EquityMax lends on real estate throughout the state of Michigan. We feel there are equal opportunities in metro, suburban, and even rural parts of the state to successfully invest.

Local networking meetings, Facebook Groups, and even social media platforms like Bigger Pockets provide plentiful opportunities to find investment properties to invest in.

We certainly feel that those accustomed to a seasonal investing will find a 4-season climate is more attractive for that particular investor.  This gives him/her the opportunity to only invest during parts of the year that are more optimal for their strategy.

EquityMax can send a borrower a Proof of Funds within 5 minutes of receipt of an acceptable, three-score credit report.  If a borrower does not have a recent report, he/she can request that Equitymax pull it.  For instructions, please click here.

EquityMax lends on any form of residential property, including single family homes, 1-4 multi-unit properties, condominiums & townhomes, and even small apartment complexes (20 units or less).  We also lend on commercial property and industrial warehouses.

Yes, in fact, EquityMax recently financed a single-business commercial space in Ann Arbor. EquityMax analyzes each deal on its own, regardless of property type, and sometimes the least attractive properties on the surface can be the most profitable when looking at the bottom line!

Receive Immediate Pre-qualification Within 10 Minutes!