In today’s dynamically changing real estate investment climate, there are seemingly more financing options than properties available. Even among all the competition, EquityMax positively separates itself as a long-standing hard money lender throughout Missouri with its clear and transparent underwriting and funding operations. For investors from St. Louis to Kansas City, EquityMax looks to make your next investment as easy and profitable as possible.

A Hassle-Free Approach To Hard Money Financing in Missouri

Wide Geographic Footprint

Equitymax Is Not Constricted With Geographic or Financial Limits to where we can finance your next project. From the densely populated areas of St. Louis and Kansas City to Springfield, Cape Girardeau, Columbia, and beyond, we can offer hard money across the entire state of Missouri.

No More Account Reps

On each and every deal, the family owner opeartors of our company are always available to talk about a specific deal with our borrowers. Access to the individual decision makers of your deal cannot be overlooked, as it leaves out the unnecessary middlemen that can hold up your closing.

30+ Years Of Experience

Having been in business since 1990, our team has transacted nearly every real estate deal and scenario over the last 32 years. At EquityMax, our borrowers can count on our team imparting this accumulated knowledge to enable them to make wise and informed real estate investment decisions.

Fewer Docs

EquityMax never requires bank statements, tax returns, a formal application, or even an appraisal. In a time where sellers prefer to close in 2 weeks or less, an asset-based underwriting approach can lead to a quicker path to closing your real estate transaction.

Close In 48 Hours Or Less! Ready To Get Started On Your Next Deal In Missouri?

Latest Success Story

An investor with a portfolio of single-family homes in St. Louis was looking to collateralize a few and pull some equity out.  EquityMax was able to efficiently value each property with a simple BPO, and successfully completed the closing in two weeks.

Portfolio of SFHS

Location – St. Louis, MO

Loan Amount – $150,000

Purchase Price – N/A

Loan Type – Max Cash-Out

Term – 12 Months – 17 years (Borrower Option)

Rehab Amount – $0

Actual Retail Value – $275,000

Profit – $1,700 Net Monthly Cash Flow

Driving Factors For Missouri Real Estate Market

Affordability Attracting More Buyers

With home values well below the national average, Missouri offers an advantageous opportunity for investors seeking less expensive investing options. However, more people are migrating from out of the state in search of homes they can afford so prices could continue to rise. Caveat Emptor.

Low Inventory

Similar to the rest of the United States, Missouri has limited housing inventory so prices continue to go up in the face of rising buyer demand. With that said, new home construction has ramped up production and interest rates have increased so there may be some relief in that future arena.

Moving To The Suburbs

COVID-19 has enabled a large majority of the state to work remotely from home, thus eliminating the need to live in more expensive areas close to downtown St. Louis and Kansas City. As a result, residents have migrated to smaller, more affordable towns. This could have a trickle-down effect on both metro and suburban properties alike.

Real Estate Market Breakdown of Missouri


Median Home Value


Foreclosure Properties


Bank Owned Properties



Popular Counties: Jackson, St. Louis, St. Charles, Saint Louis City, Greene

EquityMax Insight

Missouri has followed the same pricing path and trajectory as the national market but on a smaller scale. Home values have increased over the last ten years, however prices are still well below the national level. Thankfully, as a result, the state’s affordability hasn’t limited real estate investors looking to rehab, wholesale, or rent and impressive profit margins are being seen across the state. Long-term rental property investing remains the most popular exit strategy given the low inventory of homes and increase to the demand for rental units.

What Our Clients Say

July 8, 2022

Thank you EquityMax for doing my deal when no one else would look at it because of loan size.

Loan Programs

Fix and Flip / Cash-Out REFI

High LTV / Low Rates / Flexible TermMinimal Insurance RequirementsZero Prepayment Penalty

Foreign National Loans

ZERO Credit or Qualification RequirementsNo Personal Guarantee RequiredFree Comparable and Repair Analysis

Transactional Funding

Catering to Real Estate Wholesalers1-3 Day FundingMinimal Notice to Close

Non-Recourse Lending

Invest through a Self-Directed IRA or Solo 401KNet Proceeds from Investing are Tax-DeferredNo Personal Guarantee

Have You Been Previously Denied By A Lender? Get A Second Chance With EquityMax

Did You Know

EquityMax’s smallest loan in the state was a mere $15,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

EquityMax always suggests maximizing the amount of cash flow you can get from one “door” and make your decision, in part, on that initial metric.

EquityMax lends on mainly residential real estate – inclusive of single family homes, condos, and townhomes. In a state like Missouri, we focus on more non-traditional investment opportunities, such as vacant land, manufactured homes, and rural property home loans.

St. Louis, while a great market to invest in, also has some of the best bargains across all metro areas in the entire country.

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