As investors flock to money-making ventures in New Mexico from other parts of the Southwest, a need for reliable funds for investing is more apparent than ever. EquityMax has made it a mission to provide a diverse set of options for all ranges of investors, no matter your experience or type of deal. We understand the need to be more than a lender in your transaction, but a partner to see you through the entire process. EquityMax welcomes the opportunity to financially guide you through your next investment, while providing a competitive market loan to ensure profitability.

New Mexico Hard Money Lending Made Easy With EquityMax

We Are The Bank

EquityMax is a 100% debt-free company, and we only lend our own personal funds as a single family office. This leads to quicker decision-making and faster communication to ensure your deal closes on-time, or sooner.

Minimize The Red Tape

EquityMax does not conform to a box when it comes to running our business.  Deals often happen after working hours, and that is an opportunity EquityMax relishes. Our team is available 24/7/365 to answer all of your hard money inquiries and scenarios. Let’s get to work!

Experience Matters

Since our inception over 30 years ago, we have operated as a family owned business. EquityMax clients can rely on the continuity and expertise to make the origination, funding, and servicing of your loan as seamless as possible.

Your Perfect Loan

EquityMax will always listen to what loan parameters will work optimally for you, and do our best to execute your plan. The end result: to promote your short-term and long-term real estate goals through successful and profitable real estate investments.

Close In 48 Hours Or Less! Ready To Get Started On Your Next Deal In New Mexico?

Latest Success Story

A new investor has a tight closing timeline of 1 week because his other lender fell through because of an Appraisal. With a quick Broker Price Opinion, EquityMax received value back in 72 hours and was able to close the loan two days later, leaving the borrower quite happy!

Residential Property

Location – Albuquerque, NM

Loan Amount – $125,000

Purchase Price – $150,000

Loan Type – Purchase

Term – 12 Months – 17 years (Borrower Option)

Rehab Amount – $20,000

Actual Retail Value – $232,000

Profit – $40,000

Driving Factors For New Mexico Real Estate Market

Residents Seeking Out Affordable Cities

While median home value is below the national average, prices are still higher over the last ten years. Therefore, New Mexico residents are seeking more affordable cities in the state to live in, such as Roswell, who’s home values are near $106,186 (lower than the state average).

Low Inventory Increasing Prices

Home inventory levels are falling behind the demand of homebuyers so minimum supply continues to drive prices upward. Increased inventory is on the horizon, so prices should be expected to stabilize within the next 6-12 months.

Inflation Issue

As prices are nearing, or exceeding, all-time highs, inflation should curb home prices. This will hopefully allow would-be investors to purchase at prices they were previously unable to buy at.

New Mexico Real Estate Market Breakdown


Median Home Value


Foreclosure Properties


Bank Owned Properties



Popular Counties: Bernalillo, Dona Ana, Sandoval, Santa Fe, Valencia

EquityMax Insight

With an improving job market and rising consumer confidence, New Mexico’s real estate market stands in great shape, especially when you consider how far it had fallen several years ago during the Great Recession of 2008-2012. According to Attom Data Solutions’, the average seller in New Mexico earned an impressive $65,500 home price gain, which was up from $58,100 the previous year. Additionally, since homes in the state are still relatively affordable compared to the rest of the country, investors are finding opportunities to realize a high return on their investment through fix and flips, wholesaling, and rentals. Distressed properties in the New Mexico market are also ready and willing to give investors great deals too.

What Our Clients Say

July 8, 2022

There is no lender that can close faster than EquityMax. Shocked at how quickly they moved to get my deal done!

Loan Programs

Fix and Flip / Cash-Out REFI

High LTV / Low Rates / Flexible TermMinimal Insurance RequirementsZero Prepayment Penalty

Foreign National Loans

ZERO Credit or Qualification RequirementsNo Personal Guarantee RequiredFree Comparable and Repair Analysis

Transactional Funding

Catering to Real Estate Wholesalers1-3 Day FundingMinimal Notice to Close

Non-Recourse Lending

Invest through a Self-Directed IRA or Solo 401KNet Proceeds from Investing are Tax-DeferredNo Personal Guarantee

Have You Been Previously Denied By A Lender? Get A Second Chance With EquityMax

Did You Know

EquityMax is active on various Facebook groups focusing on real estate in the greater Albuquerque metro area.

Frequently Asked Questions

EquityMax does not factor in size of a city, town, or village when determining whether to finance a property.  In fact, EquityMax lends in several rural, less populous areas across the state.

EquityMax does not discriminate when it comes to experience in this business.  So long as the deal makes sense, it does not matter if it’s your first or 10th deal…we’ll finance it!  We never ask for an “experience” template showing the deals you have (or have not) invested in the past.

Equitymax will look at your credit, but our loan decisions are not predominantly credit driven.  EquityMax will lend even with a bankruptcy, so long as it’s been discharged and it does not affect your ability to obtain credit.  There can also be other delinquencies on your credit (even collections), and we will still fund you!

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